Welcome to Bloomeq

Help Your Dearest One to Bloom

BloomEQ is your companion in helping your autistic child to build social and life skills. We nurture your child’s cognitive skills by providing them with simple daily challenges and activities through an engaging gamified virtual world.

About BloomEQ

We are a special learning platform for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and our main goal is to help them have a sustainable progress in their life skills. Through simple challenges in gamified situations, we track social and life skill deficiencies and take suitable corrective actions by increasing the number of similar interactions for them and providing feedbacks to their parents/caregivers.

We reinforce situations in the game that can teach basic but important life skills to the kids in order to help them evolve and pattern good behavior such as brushing teeth.

How it works


Account setup

Visit the web app and create a caregiver account so that your child can start their experience in the game


Character setup

Pick one of your kid’s photos or let them do it and customize their character with thematic overlays available in the application


The game

Your child can navigate by tapping on characters and places and try to solve tricky social situations and puzzles



The caregiver dashboard will provide insights into the child’s social skills development and possible problem areas


Giving feedbacks

The caregiver can give feedbacks to their child as an animated character in the game or in real world to enhance their experience



Daily interaction of the child is encouraged since the game varies and repeats certain situations to measure and reinforce skills

Caregiver Education Module

We also offer a companion educational module for parents, in which besides providing their child’s progress reports and feedbacks, we educate them with anecdotes about teachable moments that have happened in the game that the caregiver/parent can bring up in the real world in similar situations.

In addition, we provide the caregiver with best practices for keeping an autistic child healthy by addressing major but common problem areas such as oral health

Sustainable Progress Comes With Regular Practice

Our Benefits

Applied Behavioral Analysis

We identify behavioral problems in kids and create suitable corrective plans that can develop their skills effectively and efficiently

Advanced analytics for parents

we provide parents with feedbacks and reports on their child’s problem areas and possible solutions and their overall progress

Boosted corrective plans

Parents can get in-line with the game and bring up similar situations in real world to boost their kid’s skill development

Child health best practices

Offering techniques for enhancing basic health skills for children such as oral health are at our core attention

Engaging gameplay

Beautiful and exciting animated characters and objectives are designed in order to engage kids with the application

Simple nurturing experience

Simple yet targeted challenges and puzzles are implemented in the game to enhance your child’s problem solving skills